Lower Sac Trout-Spey

Our Lower Sac program is highly specialized and revolves around walk-wade fishing using a jet boat to access prime water.  Most of our fishing is done with trout-spey techniques but we also do a fair bit of dry fly fishing while wading.  Trout-spey rods in 2, 3, and 4-weight models are the best for the Lower Sac.  Spring and Fall are the best times for trout-spey action on the Lower Sac and the fall months offer the best opportunities for central valley steelhead.  These fish typically run 18-22″ in length but we’ve seen them up to six pounds.  We recommend that our clients book their accommodations in Redding for spring trips and Red Bluff for fall trips.

Rates for Lower Sac Jet Boat Trips:
Full Days include rods, reels, flies, lunch, drinks and snacks
1-2 Anglers: $600
3 anglers: $750


Latest Fishing Reports

Lower Sac Swing (10/17/2018)

The Lower Sac Swing fishing has been good to Great, with a mix of Wild Bo’s to 4lbs and a mix of hatchery and Wild Steelhead to 6lbs. There coming on both the Swung fly and Tight Line Nymph techniques, most days offer shots at rising fish with the DryFly as well.At times we’re working hard for them and some are coming more easily, bottom line is they are there for the wading angler looking to put in the effort.Tight Lines-

Nor Cal (10/14/2018)

The Lower Sac is fishing pretty good for Rainbow’s and Steelhead on the Swing and offering fairly consistant hatches durring the day for the Dry Fly Angler, I use a jet boat to access the River for Wading Anglers and it’s countless Bars and Brakes ! The Trinity has steelhead from top to bottom with lots of pressure, especially on the weekends, some anglers are getting em , some anglers are paying there dues. I would rate it as fair. Flows on the Trinity are schedules to drop to 300cfs out of Lewiston on Tuesday…LOW and CLEAR…the ever present Steelheading mantra of “we could use some rain to shake things up” is currently in effect.Tight Lines-

Trout Spey…breaking in a new rod properly (12/1/2017)

Great day introducing Spey casting and fishing on the Swing, Fred is a quick study, both trout and Steelhead to 4lbs helped in the education process as well as properly breaking in a brand new rod, Great Company, Great Weather , Great day, what more could an Angler or Guide ask for…Tight Lines

Lower Sac…a wonderful place… (10/23/2016)

I spent the last 3 days on the Lower Sac with the Walker boy’s from Virginia, the first two days working with BK, drifting the Sac in typical fasion. There are Salmon about but not in large numbers, we took are fish on both eggs and nymphs, they seem to be keying on small PMD and dark caddis nymphs. Today I guided the Father and Son group from my jet boat, wading a few spots away from the “mayhem” and despite a wet and blustery day we found plenty of fish to keep us entertained. We landed fish under the indicator on nymphs and eggs as well as on the swing.My sports were all new to this and did fairly well, I think some keen swing anglers would have crushed it today !

Fishing Well ! (4/13/2016)

I spent the last couple of days fishing with good clients John and Francis on the Lower Sac, the Lower Sac has been fishing Good to Great ! The quality of the Trout on the Lower Sac always amazes me, there aren’t that many places in the world within a relatively short drive of a couple million people, where one is able to catch beautiful wild rainbows on a regular basis. Conditions should remain stable for the next week or two, then the flows will raise to there Summer time levels, once the flows stabilize the fishing should be good through the Summer. Get out there and get you some !

Blustery (10/3/2015)

I had John and his Grandson Jonathan in my boat yesterday, the fishing was dead in the morning but picked up in the afternoon, the fish got pretty grabby on caddis imitations, unfortunetly the wind out of the North was brutal with gust’s to 40 MPH we did are best and boated a few.

Beautiful day but a little slow… (6/14/2015)

The Lower Sac fished a little slow for us today…it was Hap and Mike from Santa Rosa’s first trip to the Lower Sac and the fish failed to show them any love ! I don’t know what had the fish off of their game today ? lack of insect activity most likely but that’s fishing !The Guys still enjoyed a beautiful day on the Sac, even with the temps hovering around the century mark in Redding it felt more like the 80s on the river. There is no denying that California is in the midst of a historic drought and many rivers and streams throughout the state and especially in the Sierra are running at a trickle but there is some bright spots in the North State. The Lower Sac for one is currently running around 7000 cfs, great flows and chalk full of wild rainbows, the Fall river in Eastern Shasta County is full to the banks with clear cold spring water and is loaded with wild rainbows as well and finally the Trinity… the Trinity’s flow regime is set in place and being controlled by the dam at Trinity Lake, there is water in the lake to maintain the flows through the Summer, Fall and Winter. Steelhead will start arriving in the Trinity in numbers by late September, the water will be there the fish will be there… Will You !!!

Beautiful weather (5/18/2015)

The Lower Sac fished decent today, the morning started out slow but the grab started to pick up around 11 am and stayed fairly steady till about 4 pm and then seemed to shut down ! Both Steve and Kieth each hooked quite a few and even managed to land a few, some day’s it’s just like that… the bonus was they each landed some quality fish with Steve landing a 20″ slab !!!

Fishing Well ! (5/10/2015)

The Lower Sac is fishing well, the flow’s have stabilized around 7000 cfs and the fish have responded. There has been a steady hatch of May Flies from mid morning through early afternoon and a smattering of Caddis flies throughout the day. No time like the present to get out and enjoy one of the finest Wild trout fisheries in the Country!

hook set’s required (3/23/2015)

The Lower Sac is fishing well, there are plenty of feisty trout spread throughout the river but to be successful you need to bring your best hook set’s, they’re not cutting any slack right now on sloppy or late hook sets !