Big Changes

Well as you probably know the weather has finally changed in a big way. We have had a mix of snow and rain up hear in Douglas City since mid week with 4″ of snow on the ground Thurs. morning. The Trinity is blown from Douglas City down as of this morning, things are on the drop right now but more wet weather is on it’s way. The good news is this is what we needed to get Steelhead moving, on the coast it will give them the opportunity to get past sandbars and sea lions and into the rivers. The Trinity should settle down in it’s upper stretches by the first of the week, the coastal streams will take a little longer with the Smith being the first to clear, possibly by mid week.

Winter Run

Just finished a couple of great days fishing the Trin with Cole from Santa Rosa. The weather continues to be mostly clear and cold but the fishing continues to be solid. There has been a solid push of Winter run Steelhead, most of the fish have been wild, 6-8 lbs with a few bruisers mixed in.As you know you cant catch them from your laptop, make plans and get out there!!!