January Wrap Up

The Steelheading on the Trinity through the month of January has been fairly solid, the month started with some of the best fishing of the year and fresh winter steelhead have continued to filter in throughout the month. The weather has remained mild and looks like we have some rain on the way which should pick the fishing up a bit. Looking like the Steelheading should hold up through February and February typically has some of the best dry fly action of the year for both big wild browns and the occasional Steelie !

The New Year ushers in Solid fishing !

The heavy rains around Christmas and the Bitter Cold that followed put fishing off for a week or so but the fishing has rebounded and river conditions are pretty darn good. The heavy rains of December have muddied up Trinity Lake which in turn has added just the right amount of color into the river, we have enjoyed fishing the Trinity in a nice shade of Steelhead green, something we don’t often see. The icing on the cake is there are a good number of wild adults around and quite a few hatchery “chrome” half pounders. Current forecast are calling for some rain by the end of the week which should freshin up the river and the fishing !