Flows are up, Water temps are down…

Well the recent water release out of Trinity and Lewiston Lakes have done exactly what was intended. The flows are up in the Trinity and the Lower Klamath and the water temps have dropped more than 10 degrees in the Hoopa Valley. The Big Wad of wild Steelhead that was holding at Blue Creek are now heading up river and many if not most into the Lower Trinity. Late Sept. and Oct. are prime times to Swing a fly on the Lower Trinity and the Lower Klamath will continue to see pulses of fresh fish. I access the Lower Trinity with my raft and the Lower Klamath with my jet boat. I have a few prime dates open late Sept and early Oct.

Steelhead are In !

I spent the last three days on the Lower Klamath and the Steelhead have arrived in mass. Early indications are looking GREAT for this season on the Klamath and Trinity with hundreds if not thousands of Steelhead currently staging in the Lower Klamath. I only rated the fishing as Good right now, not Great because of the current conditions, IE. water temps, and not the actual fishing. Currently the Steelhead are stacked in one area which tends to lead to very crowded fishing and snagging ! I am very excited about angling on the Lower Klamath as the water temps start to drop and the fish spread out and start moving up river. I am currently booking the Lower Klamath for mid September and October and my schedule has started to fill. If swinging a spey rod on classic Steelhead runs for Ocean Fresh Steelhead interest you then get off the fence and book a trip.Most of the water I fish on the Lower Klamath is within 20 miles of the Ocean !