Looking for Rain

Fishing continues to be challenging on the Trinity with low water and considerable angling pressure. Those that fish thoroughly and with accuracy are getting their fish. One bright spot is there are a number of larger fish in the mix ! Large Steelhead always make my day ! Who know’s what next week will bring but one things for sure if you fail to book a trip and get out on the river you will never know.

continued low water

The conditions over the last three weeks on the Trinity have changed little, We have had a number of fronts push through but none have delivered much rain, we need inches not tenths ! With the low water both the Steelhead and anglers continue to be stacked up in a few locations making for some tough angling. Having said that any given day can produce ! Spey casting and swinging flies may open up more of the river to you and can offer less crowded fishing, may not account for more hookups but can make for a more pleasurable day ! One big rain event will change everything !