Flows are up and Fish are in

I fished with my client, Tom from San Jose over the last couple of days, welcome rains have animated the river, Salmon, Coho and Kings are all over and of course our main quarry, Steelhead.We managed multiple hookups a day with Chrome Bright Steelies and were able to bring several to hand.The weather forecast for the next week is mostly clear with a chance of passing showers, flow’s should stabilize and or drop, hopefully not for long, we need the rain. Bring it on !

Fishing Well !

With all the doom and gloom out there about water and fishing conditions there is at least one bright spot, the Lower Klamath ! The river is fishing very well, pulses of fresh Steelhead continue flow in and water levels and temps are perfect for swinging a fly ! Fishing should remain solid through the end of October, I still have a few prime dates available.