Combo Day

The Lower Sac continues to fish really really GOOD! I guided Diane from Danville and Steve from San Ramon on Saturday. The pair wanted to mix things up, so we swung nymphs and small streamers on light spey rods and hooked fish,we nymphed under indicators and hooked fish, we cast dries to rising fish and hooked up!
With the current low flows providing lots of good areas to wade and the coming of spring the Lower Sac is offering up outstanding fly fishing right now! Dont miss out!

Solid Fishing

I guided Bob from Fremont and Fred from Carmel today, we had HIGH winds today on the Lower Sac which usually means poor fishing but not today! In spite of the howling wind we managed to hook dozens of fish, Fiesty Rainbows mostly 14″ to 16″ with a few 18″ fish in the mix.The nymph grab was solid all day with a little lull in the action between 3:30 and 4:30, the Sac should continue to fish well, Spring has just begun! Book Now!

Beautiful weather

The calender might still say it’s Winter but it sure feels allot like Spring here,I guided Steve from Sparks today on the Lower Sac, the fishing was good and the weather was fantastic ! How can you not have a good time. Steve hooked a dozen or more wild rainbows up to 18″, the nymph grab was best in the late A.M. but continued on all day. Small dark caddis nymph imitations worked the best and there was a good hatch of small caddis but few fish looking up.The Lower Sac will continue to fish great and the weather has been awesome !