Nice push

I had a Great day yesterday with husband and wife Hayden and Sara from Woodland. Fishing started a little slow but quickly picked up when we encountered a fresh push of 6-8 lb hatchery steelhead, all bucks ! I think the little bit of rain we have had recently is getting fish to move and currently there are good numbers from Lewiston to Pigeon Point.

Fish On !

I spent the last 3 days on Lewiston lake with Al and Emil, the fishing was stellar, most of the Rainbow’s were in the 12″ – 14″ range with a few up to 16″. Lewiston should continue to fish well this Fall and even into the Winter depending on water temps. If you don’t have time this Fall, book a trip for this coming Spring, April can be OUTSTANDING !

Steelhead continue to trickle in

Despite extremely low water fresh steelhead continue to trickle in to the Trinity, seems to be about a 50/50 mix of hatchery and wild. The flows have been UNDER 300 cfs in the Junction City, the lowest I think in more then a decade or more ! We’ve been boating a fair amount of adults considering the conditions.

Smolt Fest

It’s that time of the year when thousands of Steelhead Smolt’s gather to work there way out to the ocean, at times it’s nearly impossible to swing or drift your flies through a run without them being attacked. This will pass soon, it is a great sign for the future and a sign of a healthy river. Steelhead are currently spread from Willow Creek to Lewiston but not in any great numbers yet, if you can find a piece of un-pressured water your chances of success improve greatly. My November / December schedule is starting to fill, prime dates are limited, hope to see you this season.

Swing em Up !

Started my Steelhead season off on the Trinity today…John swung up an Awesome Wild Buck on a small traditional fly mid-river today, Great way to start the season ! I’m sure many if not most all of you are doing or have done a rain dance, all I have to say is dance HARDER !


I had John and his Grandson Jonathan in my boat yesterday, the fishing was dead in the morning but picked up in the afternoon, the fish got pretty grabby on caddis imitations, unfortunetly the wind out of the North was brutal with gust’s to 40 MPH we did are best and boated a few.