Fish On !

I spent the last 3 days on Lewiston lake with Al and Emil, the fishing was stellar, most of the Rainbow’s were in the 12″ – 14″ range with a few up to 16″. Lewiston should continue to fish well this Fall and even into the Winter depending on water temps. If you don’t have time this Fall, book a trip for this coming Spring, April can be OUTSTANDING !

Fishing on the 4th !

I guided Mike, David and Will on Lewiston over the 4th. The weather was perfect and the crowds minimal but the fishing was slow. We only managed to land 3 fish for about 4 hrs of fishing, the fish we landed where caught striping various color small leaches on full sinking and intermediate lines.I saw very little insect activity, maybe due to a swinging barometer, the day before we had the most intense thunder showers here that I have seen here.I,m sure the fishing will improve.

Fishing Well !

I fished Lewiston over the weekend and it fished Very Good. The fish are spread out and not podded up like earlier in the season. The dry fly action is limited to VERY technical midge fishing to smutten trout, why not they have a billion midge to choose from. Swinging and stripping small leeches is a different story, the fish are aggressive and the takes solid. The grab has been solid from around 9 am to 3 pm and there is plenty of lake to find some solitude. I have often wondered whether the sores I have noticed on some fish were caused by Lamprey, last year I swore that I saw a fish swim by with a Lamprey attached, it was confirmed yesterday when I landed a fat 16″ rainbow with a fat 10″ lamprey firmly attached.The water in Lewiston Lake does not warm up in the summer like most lakes in the state, the water stays cool all summer and the fishing will be consistent through the Fall.Get off the couch and book now!

4th of July Lewiston wrap up

Lewiston lake fished well this past week, most fish were caught on small leach patterns, swung or stripped using an intermediate sinking line. Not much in the way of dry fly or nymph fishing, most of the naturals are super small…24-28′! Hopefully we will see more callibaetis during the day and or caddis in the evening.Lewiston Should continue to be productive well into the fall.

Memorial weekend Wrap-up

The fishing continues to be solid on Lewiston Lake. The lake has been heavily stocked with 12″ Rainbow’s, they were hot for the stripped wooly bugger and the dry-dropper rig when weather permited. The natives have pushed into the heavier current looking for easy prey, leeches swung on an intermediate line did the trick. Looking for the weather to stabilize and warm, with increased insect activity the natives should move back into the flats and offer some long awaited dry fly fishing!