Still Fishing

I guided Joe and Ryan from Bakersfield on Saturday, the fishing was a little tough, could be that the fish just had there heads down or there weren’t many fish about. We still managed to land a couple of nice Steelie’s including a stout wild buck that Joe landed. The weather was beautiful and all had a good time ! (hard to beat a day on the river)The weather is supposed to change in a big way by mid-week, should help mix things up a bitt.

Winter Run and Rain !

Here are a couple of pics from the past couple days, despite the lack of rain we have had a solid return of wild Steelhead on the Trinity. Overall the fishing in January and so far in February has been pretty solid. The conditions have been less then ideal with the low water but the Trinity has benefitted from the meager release out of Lewiston dam, compared to the coastal streams that rely exclusively on rain, we were sitting pretty. fortunately all that has changed with a significant change in the weather pattern. We have been getting steady but not heavy rain on the Trinity over last week or two, conditions now are ideal.If your thinking about fishing the Trinity next November or December you might consider January or February, the days are often warmer and the river is less crowded.