Lower Klamath Steelhead

The conditions on the Lower Klamath as are as good as they get right now, the HUGE flows of last Winter have rejuvenated and altered many of the Swing Runs for the better and water quality is good as it gets . The past couple of months the river has seen fresh pushes of adult and 1/2 pounder Steelhead, the numbers don’t appear to be huge…but they’re there !Angler pressure has been low which at times can lead to some pretty darn good fishing as well as a Great overall angling experiance, over the past week we have hooked into, and landed some, Chrome Bright Adult Steelhead and 1/2 pounders as well as Dime Bright Kings, just the right size for a 6 weight Spey Rod.If you are an avid Spey Caster and have never been you should highly consider a trip to the Lower Klamath, there might be different water elswhere but I would argue that there is no better water !…. and if your a novice or just want to try out Spey casting and Swinging for Steelhead, this is an excelent venue for that as well.My schedule is limited this year but I do still have some available dates…and it’s not too soon to plan for next Season , I’ll be on the Lower Klamath from early Sept to late October