Trinity on the Swing

The Trinity continues to give up a few fish here and there, saw a few more fish on the move yesterday, we had a few encounters and Jay swung up a nice one at the final run of the day ! Those memories stick with you for a while…the weather is forecast to be realatively mild for this coming week.

Swinging em up on the Trin

Fishing continues to be up and down on the Trinity, today was an Up Day ! Mark and Jay swung up four adult Steelhead today, I think that could be considered a good a day of swing fishing any where, especialy this Season on the Trin. As I said before the best fishing reports are the ones you make yourself, get out there, there is plenty of Season left, we should start to see the first of our Winter run around the Holidays…Tight Lines !

inconsistent fishing on the Trin

The conditions on the Trinity continue to be good with good air and water temps and clarity, still not a lot of Steelhead around though. There seems to be more fish upriver in the Lewiston to Bucktail area, down river the Steelhead seem to move through fairly quickly, if your in the right area at the right time you could have some pretty good fishing ! Over the past two weeks I’ve had days were we’ve hooked as many as 5 adults in a day to days were we didn’t get touched. The weather forecast is calling for more rain over the coming week, hopefully that will jump-start the fishing a bit. Tight Lines.

Stealhead About

I have given the fishing on the Trinity an “okay” rating but to be more accurate it’s been everything from Slow to Great ! There are fish throughout the system but the numbers are not what we have seen over the past decade, reminds me of fishing the Trinity in the 90s, or better yet “Steelheading” not Trout fishing for Steeelhead. Some days we have zero encounters, other day’s we have multiple encounters and bring several to hand.The only given is that you cant catch a Steelhead from your Couch ! Tite Lines !