The Wild One’s

The conditions remain low, clear and cold here on the Trinity. With that said the temps are moderating a bit and the brutally cold weather seems to be behind us for now. The up side is that there are a fair amount of fish around and most seem to be Wild ! Here are a few pics from the past couple of day’s.

Uber Cold

I guided Paul from Berkley today in some of the absolute coldest weather in years. Here on the Trinity we received a hefty amount of snow on Friday, well over 5 inches at the river’s edge. Water temps are very cold, but regardless there are steelhead that will move to the fly. Today, we hooked 2 and landed one, which was a beautiful wild hen in that 27″ – 28″ class that was as bright as you will see this far up river. That aggressive fish would have eaten a well swung fly, even in this cold weather.