Fishing Well !

I fished Lewiston over the weekend and it fished Very Good. The fish are spread out and not podded up like earlier in the season. The dry fly action is limited to VERY technical midge fishing to smutten trout, why not they have a billion midge to choose from. Swinging and stripping small leeches is a different story, the fish are aggressive and the takes solid. The grab has been solid from around 9 am to 3 pm and there is plenty of lake to find some solitude. I have often wondered whether the sores I have noticed on some fish were caused by Lamprey, last year I swore that I saw a fish swim by with a Lamprey attached, it was confirmed yesterday when I landed a fat 16″ rainbow with a fat 10″ lamprey firmly attached.The water in Lewiston Lake does not warm up in the summer like most lakes in the state, the water stays cool all summer and the fishing will be consistent through the Fall.Get off the couch and book now!

Record Heat !!!

I guided Everet and Jesse from San Francisco on Saturday, we floated from Balls Ferry to Jelly’s Ferry. Even with record heat 110 to 112 degrees the fishing was almost comfortable, as long as the breeze and the boat kept moving. The flows ramped up to 13,500 cfs on Thursday, seemed to put the fishing off a bit, we landed several fish on jimmy legs. I think the fishing will improve as the flows stabilise.Don’t be totally turned off by the summer heat in Redding, being on the water feels much cooler than the actual temperature. Just be sure to have a good hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and drink a lot of water!!!