A bit of rain

Well the fishing over the last couple of days has picked up with the passing showers, the rain that we have received so far has done little to raise the flows in the Trinity but it seems to have raised the spirits of both the fish and fisherman. Fish are once again moving around and the fishing has picked up. Hopefully the weather patterns have changed and this is just the beginning ! Here are a couple of picks from the last couple days.

fishing and flows holding up

The Trinity continues to fish well and there are fish spread out from top to bottom. There may not be gobbs of Steelhead but there are enough to keep thing interesting, my clients have landed fish over the past week ranging from feisty 1/2 pounders to one over 30″ inches and over 10lbs. One things for sure you can’t catch one from home, I have some prime openings in November and December. Here are a couple of pics from this past week