More Weather on the Way

The Trinity fished good yesterday, Dick from Seattle hooked 3 large Steelhead, all on the SWING ! He brought two to hand over 29″ and broke one stout, hot fish off ! We’ve been getting plenty of rain with more on the way, as of this morning the Trinity is blown below Weaverville Creek but looks real good above with about 3′ of visability.

Winter fish starting to show !

The Trinity blew out on Saturday and by Sunday the upper river was fiahable, the high water has transported the leading edge of our Winter run up and Dick from Seattle swung up a bright one today. Water temps are hovering in the low to mid fourties but dedication and persistance pay dividends to the avid Stellheader !


We’ve had plenty of weather up on the Trinity over the last several days, heavy snow on Wenesday night with snow levels down to 1000 feet or lower, that led to into a cold drizzle Thursday, Friday was fairly mild until a heavy rain started around 4 pm and lasted through the night. As of this morning the river high and chocolate brown and is blown out below Rush creek, you might be able to find a little fishable water up around Lewiston.I guided Larry and Henry from the East Bay over the past two days, Thursday we fished indicators from the boat and came up bagles, Friday we swithced to swing fishing with Spey rods and both guys were able to hook into adult steelhead but unfourtunatly weren’t able to bring either fish to hand. It was Awesome to see that the boys where able to swing up a couple of Steelhead in 40 degree water !I would think that the upper river above Weaver Creek should be fishable by tomorrow. Tight Lines !