Open Dates

I had a recent cancelation of three prime days in late October, Oct 28th-30th, this is prime time for both the Trinity and Lower Klamath. Should have plenty of Steelhead around on the Trinity and on those dates water and air temps warm enough to swing them up! For those of you out there wondering whether there are going to be any Steelhead on the Trinity because of the ongoing drought and associated low water, I’m here to put those fears to rest, there have been plenty of Steelhead pushing through the Lower Klamath and a good deal of them are headed to the Trinity. Those fish are going to run up river whether it rains or not, The Trinity is a tail water fishery and the minimum flow out of Lewiston Lake starting Oct 15th is 350 CFS and will remain that way through the winter. At these flows Steelhead have and will make it past Greys and Burnt Ranch falls all the way up to Lewiston. We need rain but the Steelhead are coming regardless !!!

Quick Flush

Just a quick note, the B.O.R. is sending a quick flush down the Trinity in order to keep Salmon and Steelhead related diseases in check. The release has already begun and will peak at 3400 cfs over the next 24 hrs and probably ramp down as quickly as it came up. Fishing on the Trinity over the next couple of days will suffer but it will pay dividends in the long run, from my observations on the Lower Klamath as of last Friday both Steelhead and Salmon were continuing to pour in and this imho is welcome news !

You too could be here !

The fishing on the Lower Klamath has been Outstanding ! Plenty of fresh Steelhead moving through the Lower Klamath, both adults and 1/2 pounders, We’ve hooked and landed multiple adults daily and the 1/2 pounders have kept the action steady throughout the day, My client Dick even landed a Chrome Bright Chinook on Monday. There is quite a bit of boat traffic but that is to be expected with the fishing as good as it is, even with the boat traffic I’ve been able to find water a little less traveled. I have some prime dates available for the Lower Klamath early to mid October.