hook set’s required

The Lower Sac is fishing well, there are plenty of feisty trout spread throughout the river but to be successful you need to bring your best hook set’s, they’re not cutting any slack right now on sloppy or late hook sets !

Back In !

The Lower Sac is back in and fishing well after a long muddy break, Late winter and early Spring can be some of the best fishing of the season on the Lower Sac. Fishing indicators from a drift boat is a given but for a more interesting approach it can be wade fished using a sled boat. “Walk Wade” without the walking ! I like to target prime swing runs with light weight Spey rods and fish dries with single hand rods when the Trout are on the Job! I can provide all tackle including light weight Spey rods and instruction. Check my calender for availability.

Great Day!

I guided Drew and Don from the Bay on the Lower Sac on Saturday. The Sac fished really well, all our fish came on nymphs, seems like most of the fish have moved back into there traditional lye’s as the spawn is coming to a close. The fishing remained steady throughout the day with fish landed on our first drift till are last. Most of the fish we landed were in the 12″ – 16″ range and as with many good days the big ones got away, that’s what keeps us coming back !

Good Fishing and Great weather !

I’ve guided the past three days on the Lower Sac and the fishing has been Good. We’ve caught fish through out the day and with a multitude of techniques. We’ve caught them on dries, on nymphs with and with out indicators and on the swing with light weight spey rods.The Spring time is a great time to be on the Lower Sac, plenty of fish and the weather can be outstanding !

Big Fish

I guided Father and Son duo Don and Ben from Pleasonton the last two day’s. The weather ranged from sunny and warm to cloudy, windy and heavy rain ! We welcomed in the first real fall/winter storm on the last day of Summer, over an inch of rain in the last 24 hrs in Redding !. Hopefully it’s a prelude to a much needed wet winter. The fishing was up and down but we managed to land some nice fish including three rainbows over 20″

Quiet Day

I guided Steve and Jim from the East Bay on the Lower Sac. They wanted to mix there day up with nymphing from the boat and also get out and wade, swing some flies and hopefully fish some dries. We hooked some fish on the drift while nymphing and Steve was able to swing up a couple of nice Rainbows on his 4wt Gary Anderson Spey Rod. Unfortunately the dry fly action never got going, other than the occasional Dragon fly fluttering about the hatch was non existent which left the fish uninspired ! Having said that they each hooked fish and had a wonderful day on the river!

Perfect Weather

I guided Sarah and Ryan from Genoa Nv on Sat., we had perfect weather for August, low 90s, partly cloudy and just a slight breeze. It was the nicest day I’ve had on the Lower Sac in some time, unfortunetly the fish didn’t take notice. We floated from Bonneyview to Balls Ferry and fished hard but were only rewarded with a few fish. There was little to no insect activity through out the day so I guess the fish took the day off. Tomorrow will be a different story, always is. The flows have begun to drop and stabilize, currently 11,982 cfs, after the summer peak flows, the fishing will only get better on the Lower Sac from here on out.

Hot ! Hot ! Hot !

Another HOT day in the North State, seems like there is no escape with this heat wave extending all the way from the Northwest to the Southwest. Redding hit a high of 115 on Tuesday but I would estimate that on the river it was closer to 100. The fishing was decent, we hooked fish throughout the day and they were nice sized, healthy, chunky, rainbows.The fishing on the Lower Sac will only get better as the summer rolls on and the fish become more accustomed to the Summer flow regime.Don’t let the summer pass you by without spending a day or two on the World Class Lower Sac !

Record Heat !!!

I guided Everet and Jesse from San Francisco on Saturday, we floated from Balls Ferry to Jelly’s Ferry. Even with record heat 110 to 112 degrees the fishing was almost comfortable, as long as the breeze and the boat kept moving. The flows ramped up to 13,500 cfs on Thursday, seemed to put the fishing off a bit, we landed several fish on jimmy legs. I think the fishing will improve as the flows stabilise.Don’t be totally turned off by the summer heat in Redding, being on the water feels much cooler than the actual temperature. Just be sure to have a good hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and drink a lot of water!!!

Solid Fishing Continues

I guided George and Greg from Foster City today, the weather was less than ideal with gusty winds and thunder showers in the distance but the fishing was pretty good, and has picked up a bit from the last couple of days.
The nymph grab was solid from about 9-3 mostly on smaller mayfly nymphs and a couple on rubber leggs.Nice fish Too! Many 16″ to 18″ !