back to normal flows

The flows on the Trinity have dropped back down to there seasonal norm, release out of Lewiston is at 450cfs and should stay at that level till mid October. The additional flows over the past month have appeared to have been effective in preventing a fish kill this fall with the large on going return of salmon.Salmon have been seen in large numbers thru-out the entire river with more entering the Lower Klamath every day. There are already a good number of Steelhead in the lower and mid sections of the river. No need to dredge the bottom of the river for these early Steelie’s, they are more than willing to chase down a well presented fly! No need for winter clothing either, this is shirt sleeve Steelheading at it’s finest.I am starting to see interest as well as bookings, don’t miss out on what is sizing up to be an outstanding Steelhead season!

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