We Need Rain !

Low and Clear !The release out of Lewiston Lake into the Trinity river has been lowered to it’s winter flow of 300 CFS till April 2014 and since we haven’t had any significant rain since late September to get the tributaries running the Trinity is running Very Low!Boat traffic in the JC and Douglas City area hasn’t been to bad but there are allot of bank anglers out, especially in the mid river from Big Flat to Cedar Flat.As for the fishing I would rate it fair, there are Steelhead around but with the skinny conditions and moderate fishing pressure fishing is a little tough. We’ll have to wait to see if we have as large of a run as last year, there doesn’t seem to be as many Salmon around as last year if that’s an indicator.I guided Brady from San Francisco, who in 3 short years has become quite the Spey aficionado. We floated two different drifts, one middle river and one lower river, we saw Steelhead, hooked Steelhead but were unable to bring any to hand. That’s the beauty of early Steelhead, there HOT!, and not easily landed.

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