Exodus from Frog Waterr

Swinging for Steelhead this past week has ranged from good to Epic ! The Summer/Fall Steelhead of the Trinity have finally left the Frog Water that they have been occupying for week’s on end and are on there final push, this has put them back into prime Steelhead water and made them accessible to the Spey/Swing angler. This past week, Spey junkies John and Hossein have had Good to Great success swinging up a mix of hatchery and wild Steel ! Over the next several weeks our Summer/Fall Steelhead will be making there final push to there spawning grounds and will be leaving the door open for the much anticipated return of the Winter run, we generally see Winter fish start showing late December to early January. We have finally entered a wet weather pattern on the Trinity which has improved fishing greatly and it looks to continue for some time !

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