Steelhead flowing in

It’s been a while since my last report, a busy building season is now transitioning into what is looking to be a busy guide season. Ive spent time on the Lower Klamath over the last several weeks and the conditions on the Lower Klamath have improved dramaticaly, the river is currently and should remain in Great Shape through the Fall ! Water releases out of Lewiston have increased which have cooled water temps greatly, the Steelhead have responded positively and are now steadily streaming in.We are getting into a mix of adult and half pounders, landing adults to 5lbs and seeing and hooking larger adults to 10 lbs ! I have a few prime dates left in October for the Klamath, if the Fall rains are late the Klamath will be fishable into November. If your passionate about swinging flies for fresh chrome the Lower Klamath should be on your radar.

Fishing Well !

I spent the last couple of days fishing with good clients John and Francis on the Lower Sac, the Lower Sac has been fishing Good to Great ! The quality of the Trout on the Lower Sac always amazes me, there aren’t that many places in the world within a relatively short drive of a couple million people, where one is able to catch beautiful wild rainbows on a regular basis. Conditions should remain stable for the next week or two, then the flows will raise to there Summer time levels, once the flows stabilize the fishing should be good through the Summer. Get out there and get you some !

“giving it up”

The Trinity has been fishing pretty tough this past week, bagels were no exception, today was a different day ! Steve and David, father and Son, had a Great day on the Trinity today, pressure was light, fish were active and David was on with his hook sets. Get out there and make your own report, every day is a different day !

Sunshine !!!

The Steelheading continues on! The sharp change in weather from from cool and rainy to Warm, Bright and Dry has put the Steelhead in a bit of a funk, those that work hard and make accurate presentations can expect a few opportunities a day. Almost an equal mix of hatchery and wild fish are showing, the river flows and color are perfect, get out there and get after it !

Dropping River

The Trinity is currently fishing well and dropping into shape. The Snow, Heavy Rain and High Water have passed, leaving a dropping, clearing river in it’s place. The upper stretches of the river are Greening Up nicely, while much of the river is still seeing high flows, that should change over next couple of days as we are in for a drying trend over the next few days. In addition the water temps have taken a nice bounce up and we are hooking Adult Steelhead on both the Swing and under the indicator. Still landing some Fall/Summer fish but most are bright Winter fish, a mix of Wild and Hatchery Run. Tight Lines…..

Solid Fishing

The Steelheading this past week has been Solid, Cold and Rainy weather has bumped the flows up, got the fish moving and has added to the overall Steelhead experience. We are seeing a good push of hatchery Hens now with a few wild ones thrown in, they’re following the push of Bucks we saw a month ago. The Winter run should start to show after the Holidays .

Exodus from Frog Waterr

Swinging for Steelhead this past week has ranged from good to Epic ! The Summer/Fall Steelhead of the Trinity have finally left the Frog Water that they have been occupying for week’s on end and are on there final push, this has put them back into prime Steelhead water and made them accessible to the Spey/Swing angler. This past week, Spey junkies John and Hossein have had Good to Great success swinging up a mix of hatchery and wild Steel ! Over the next several weeks our Summer/Fall Steelhead will be making there final push to there spawning grounds and will be leaving the door open for the much anticipated return of the Winter run, we generally see Winter fish start showing late December to early January. We have finally entered a wet weather pattern on the Trinity which has improved fishing greatly and it looks to continue for some time !

rising river

Just back from a couple days of guiding for early Winter Steelhead on the Lower Klamath, Wednesday fished well with a good mix of wild 1/2 pounder’s and Coastal Cutthroat. We were one day away from swinging up an adult or two but the latest storm hit us hard with wind and heavy rain which left us with a river on the rise at over 500 cfs an hour and was completely blown by this morning. Life of a Winter Steeheader ! The Lower Klamath , in any given Winter, only offers a few brief windows of opportunity for the Spey Angler where Swinging a fly for dime bright Winter Steelhead is realistic, flexibility is key. Feel free to contact me if your interested in Spey casting on some of the most epic swing water in the lower 48 !

Looking for Rain

Fishing continues to be challenging on the Trinity with low water and considerable angling pressure. Those that fish thoroughly and with accuracy are getting their fish. One bright spot is there are a number of larger fish in the mix ! Large Steelhead always make my day ! Who know’s what next week will bring but one things for sure if you fail to book a trip and get out on the river you will never know.