In Search of Coastal Chrome

I finished up 2016 and started 2017 fishing and guiding the Eel River drainage, parts of the Eel droped in nicely for about a six day window. There were Early Winter Run Steelhead about, a few grabs and one epic battle with a Chrome Bruiser in the mid teens, the Steelhead Won. Parts of the North Coast of California arguably have some of the best swing water anywhere and are inhabited with Dime Bright Steelhead throughout the Winter months. These fisheries are ideal for the dedicated swing angler, this is not a numbers game but one in which you are hunting beautiful water often amongst ancient Redwoods, looking for the fish of a life time ! Happy New Years !

Klamath River Steelhead

September and October are prime-time for steelhead on the lower Klamath River. We fish the Klamath from a jet boat, which allows us to sample many productive runs in a single day. We focus on the bottom 30 miles of river. We do day trips from Klamath Glen and we can also ferry our guests in to Rivers West Lodge and use that as a home base. The Klamath River is a classic swing fishery and is best fished with a spey rod. We typically catch a mix of adult fish and half-pounders.

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Trinity River Steelhead

The Trinity River is California’s most productive steelhead river. It’s steelhead season is also the longest. We catch adult fish from September through March. During the early season we fish near Willow Creek. We follow the fish up the river through the Del Loma, Junction City, Douglas City, and Lewiston areas. We fish all techniques, including nymph & indicators with single-hand rods and swinging flies with spey rods. We do raft, drift boat, and walk-wade trips on the Trinity River.

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